View Full Version : drunken bananas

13-Jul-07, 22:23
Take half a dozen blackened or blackening bananas, the riper, the sweeter -
you can put them in an airing cupboard to blacken.
get an oven dish and pour some brandy to cover the bottom
Next sprinkle brown sugar sparinly over the brandy
slice the bananas long ways and place in the oven dish on top then sprinkle sparinly with more sugar and put in the oven to cook slowly for about 5 - 10 mins may differ with different ovens but the idea is for the sugar to dissolve into the bananas and brandy without burning.once cooked remove from the oven and whist still hot, pour more brandy into the dish and braise over the bananas. Finally a very sparse sprinkle of brown sugar, serve into individual bowels and pour over cream or serve with whipped cream. Sweet, fattening and reserved for a real treat - delicious