View Full Version : Left-handed camera

frank ward
12-Jul-07, 14:46
I have a camera that might suit someone who is left-handed or is disabled in the right arm.

It is a Yashica Samurai Z-L half-frame 35mm, bought in 1991.
It is shaped like a small camcorder. Digital screen displays settings.

This is a simple-to-operate but very sophisticated camera.
Flash, hot-shoe, macro lens, autofocus, time-lapse and multiple-exposure settings etc.
Main controls are comfortable and accessible by finger and thumb when left hand is slipped through the adjustable handstrap.

Unfortunately the motorised zoom is malfunctioning, sometimes it retracts without warning, but the camera still takes a good crisp picture.
Cosmetic scratches due to extensive use.
Extras lenses, filters, included.

I am looking for 80 to part with it.
Contact me if interested.
Dornoch 01862 811233