View Full Version : Bettyhill campsite!

11-Jul-07, 19:35
Has anyone seen Bettyhill campsite recently? Was half planning to go there next month as a mate told me he thought it had been done up. Just wanted to check as the last time i saw it, it wasnt in great nick! :confused

11-Jul-07, 20:50
Dunno about recently snowdog,the last time I was at a bettyhill campsite was with the wick cubs,dashed if I can remember the leaders names,I can see them, one was an enormous tall man, lived in a pre fab up at the drome,but it was a superb camp. the fact I can recall it with great pleasure after all those years testifies to that.We watched fishermen row out in a half circle dropping a net behind them, then pulling it in, an salmon being the catch!
Sorry there, I know that was not quite your post,but it did seem a tad relevant.:D

12-Jul-07, 14:13
It still looks very tatty!