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11-Jul-07, 14:26
jst wondering if any1 knows of a good macaroni recipe? ta

12-Jul-07, 10:11
a delicious and quick macaroni recipe is cheese and bacon.
cheese sauce/ home made sauce
bacon pieces or strips

boil macaroni and then rinse in cold water then drain

cheese sauce -
put the milk, butter, and floor all together in e saucepan- yes all at once
using a whisk, whisk the mixture all e time whilst heating it up, as long as you are whisking it from cold to hot, it will turn out smooth. use as much or less ingriediants as required for quantity required
once done, add cheese to taste and mix in well.
heat a little oil in a pan and stir fry bacon pieces then add to the sauce.
finally, put the macaroni in a dish, mix in the sauce and bacon, top with either paprikka or crushed crisps or both and put in the oven until reheated.

12-Jul-07, 11:07
put a chicken stock cube in beside the macaroni when you are boiling the macaroni, gives a lovely flevour (a chef passed the tip on to me) good luck

12-Jul-07, 15:20
Grill some bacon, chop it up and add to the macaroni & cheese sauce.

Add some tomato slices on top, then some extra grated cheese.

Pop under the grill for a few minutes ...yummy! :)

13-Jul-07, 21:50
if you get fed up with cheese sauce, try making a tomato based one instead
olive oil to stir fry
1 onion
tin chopped tomatoes
tomato puree -to required amount for taste and texture
1 garlic clove or 1/2 teaspoon garlic -more if you like garlic
A pinch or two of basil
cook all together in a flat pan i(f you want a smooth sauce, blend.)
cook macaroni as before then add together with the sauce stiring so that all the macaroni is covered.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve
for variety add bacon pieces or small chicken pieces and mushrooms if liked
sprinkle with parmesan, mozerella or normal cheese and serve

16-Jul-07, 22:35
I always add a teaspoon of mustard to the cheese sauce, you don't taste it (luckily cos I hate the stuff) but it brings out the flavour of the cheese.

17-Jul-07, 20:58
if you get fed up with cheese sauce, try making a tomato based one instead

Sounds like pasta to me with Dolmio????????

Hows about other cheeses??? Smoked cheese sauce?

18-Jul-07, 20:13
Sounds like pasta to me with Dolmio????????

Hows about other cheeses??? Smoked cheese sauce?

It may sound like Dolmio but its home made, not out of a jar - much better and Macaroni is pasta :)

18-Jul-07, 23:56
I agree the last jar of dolmio stained everything reddy orange!

27-Aug-07, 19:08
hi I'm just wondering a what is a good way to make the sauce for macaroni please???

10-Oct-07, 11:48
15fl oz milk
1 oz butter
1.5 oz of plain flour

Put milk butter and flour in pan whisk over low heat add cheese any kind i just use whatever i have in! And just as much as you like depending how cheesy you like it! Continue to whisk over low/medium heat until bubbling then leave on very low heat for bout 3-4 mins. Add to cooked pasta, i usually add some more grated cheese over the top to finish off! Then put in oven for a while!

Easy and yummy x

10-Oct-07, 20:05
Good chedder cheese
mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese

cook pasta - make cheese sauce (as stated by sjr014) with chedder cheese and with a 1/2 tsp of dry mustard (keep some cheese back for later). Mix the sauce with the pasta - take off the heat ----break up mozzarella cheese and add and also add parmesan cheese mix. Cut up some chedder cheese into small cubes and fold them in -- sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and stick in oven til brown.

this recipe is the buisness - cheesy stringy and the dogs doorhandle.

11-Oct-07, 15:23
Best macaroni I ever made involved using cheese with peppers through it,,,nice and spicy...cannot remember what the cheese was called but it was fantastic...