View Full Version : brown trout hotel watten

11-Jul-07, 08:49
excellent new chef just started had a chicken curry there lastnight made from scratch and cooked in 20/25mins maximum was well good will be definately going back for more!!! highly recommended!!

12-Jul-07, 20:37
WOW chicken curry!!!!! Must be a really good chef if he can make a curry from scratch in 20 min ( did you watch him make it? ) he must have been waiting on the rice to cook. The skills of a chef are always based on his curries. NOT!!!!!!!!! Anyone can make a curry.

19-Jul-07, 01:19
i did actually yeh,sorry i havnt eaten all the food on the menu but at the time i had a chicken curry so im reporting on what i had eaten,not gona say i ate a steak and it was good when i never,you thick....

any1 can make a curry yeh rite.....

20-Jul-07, 19:07
Can't comment on the curry but have always found this place good. It was taken over a few years ago but don't know if it's still the same management as haven't been for a while.