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10-Jul-07, 20:15
A little while ago I asked why Reiss exists. I had done my usual word muck up. I meant Kiess. Any Ideas. Fishing originallyI would think, but it has been developed I guess in the 60's, any ideas why?? Always read around my questions they may not be what I mean. Doh!!!

Oh yeh. Is that a new village hall being built or is it the sluaghterhouse?

10-Jul-07, 22:29
You have got me wondering now.
My immediate thought was fishing also, but it may be something to do with the old baptist church at North Keiss, I think (I may very well be wrong) that it might have been the first Baptist church in Scotland or Britain, nah that can't be right, but something like that. I don't know but I am going to make it my job to find out now.

10-Jul-07, 22:44
Just thinking here and it may also have something to do with the castle and estate, nah, I really think it's the fishing thing.

The development you mentioned I reckon happened because all the rural schools were closing about that time and maybe Keiss was most central so maybe some of the folks from Auckengill and Lyth needed to move to the village. Probably none of what I said is right, I'm just guessing but if you find out before me, let me know please.

Oh and thats the new hall, the slaughter house is up the high road.

11-Jul-07, 07:14
Thanks earli.

Interesting thoughts there. Was I correct about the development bieng in the 60's?

11-Jul-07, 14:37
I wasn't born in the 60's so I am not sure exactly when it was. I know from looking at old photos that the High Street has been there since my grandparents time although it has changed a bit. Robertson Cresent, which is the top end of the village, was probably built to accommodate the growing number of families, I think it was around that time but I cannot say for certain.