View Full Version : Underfloor heating

09-Jul-07, 21:47
Does anyone have this? I'm thinking of electric rather than warm water. Any advice, pros., cons. etc. much appreciated.

18-Jul-07, 19:23
Thinking of same. Wet underfllor heating is what I am looking at with invisible in Ullapool (I think) being the company name that I have been told about.

mums angels
19-Jul-07, 22:49
My brother in law has just put this in his new house and did haved a terrible time getting it in, and has made the wood floor bow which he now needs to have replaced but he is happy with it now and glad that he did put it in

20-Jul-07, 11:20
We have it(electric) and find it horribly inefficient. Never turn it on anymore, installed radiators instead.
Ours was installed when the house was built in the 70s/80s so maybe the newer designs have improved?

20-Jul-07, 19:05
I've spent ages looking this up and think it should be very good if properly installed with sufficient insulation. One thing I did find out is that you can't put anything solid, like a cupboard with no legs) on electric underfloor heating because it concentrates the heat so I decided when (if !!) I ever get my dream house I'll just use it in bathroom, kitchen and passages where it can be cut to fit round fixtures. Presumably that doesn't apply with wet heating. I'm sure it's all much improved recently and I'm attracted by the thought of not having to waste wall space with radiators. Was considering skirting heating in living/bedrooms.