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07-Jul-07, 12:58
Hi All

Been looking through your photos and there are some really fantastic images here! - Well done everybody - I would love to be able to take pictures like that.

You all have such great ideas - I was just wondering if you could provide any inspiration for my wedding photos - I'm getting married in winter & would like to try something different but I'm not sure what. Would like to take some photos in the dark/semi darkness & I have thought about Thurso castle. Ceremony is in Thurso & Reception is in Lybster - I know Lybster harbour is popular but maybe not so practical in December?!

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

07-Jul-07, 19:25
I'd recommend dropping John Baikie a line.

see his website at caithnessphotographic.com

07-Jul-07, 19:54
Depends when in December but by the time you get to Lybster it will most probably be dark, especially if a dull day and if wedding is at usual Caithness time i.e. around 3.30 to 4.40pm on a Friday or Saturday. Try getting photos done in Thurso area. Maybe Castletown Harbour or St Peter's Kirk? A clear day with a setting sun around 4pm would give the best chance of success.