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04-Jul-07, 17:51
Hopefully heading up soon and would like to know where the best Chinese resturant is in Wick?, have sourced some where in Thurso just need to know where you would recommend in Wick.

Thank you.:D

04-Jul-07, 18:00
There's only 1 Chinese restaurant in Wick, The Dragon House.

04-Jul-07, 20:01
Well we must have ben there because the last time we were up we didn't like the chinese we had.:(

04-Jul-07, 20:48
There are alot of chinese Takeaways..But only one resturant when you sit down to a meal..I always go to the one in Dempster street Its great if your just wanting a takeaway..But the Dragon house is the place to go if you want to sit down to your meal HTH

12-Jul-07, 00:09
We live in Wick the only Chinese we use is in castletown canít recommend it high enough.