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04-Jul-07, 12:29
anyone got any good recipes for the slow cooker.. ive just moved house and decided to keep my one out of storage and actually use it, so far i have done a brisket of beef and chicken creole... any ideas?

04-Jul-07, 17:44
hi well thats the thing with a slow cooker you can do almost anything that involves braising.....You could try, pork,beef casserole.if you want to add dumplings at the end of cooking do so about a hour before your food is ready...soups of any kind are fine aswell,mince and tatties and my favourite, ham and peas...You will need two good size ham shanks, frozen peas, and pot herbs,,,,,You cook the peas i the slow cooker for about 3 hours, then add pot herbs, and cook again for about another 2 hrs and then add the ham shanks and cotinue cooking untill fully cooked...Makes a good home meal...lamb is another, with all vag and trimmings thrown in.....Good luck...and enjoy...

04-Jul-07, 20:16
We used to make up a 'stew' of baked beans, small pieces of potato and sausages. Switch it on and leave it all day. Loverly. Bit of seasoning of course.

05-Sep-07, 15:42
I love my slow cooker try this web site


05-Sep-07, 21:16
I use mine for anything and everything! as long as i remember to switch it on in the morning its great!
soups, bolagnaise sauce, currys, stews, sausage casserole, chicken drumsticks and thighs to name a few

12-Oct-07, 21:20
I find Autumn/Winter the best time to bring out the slo-cooker....make dinner before you go out in the morning..whack everything in and hey presto lovely, hot food when you get home...maybe I should try some of the hotpot suggestions that were made on another recipe thread....

13-Oct-07, 04:56
careful though, and don't do like I did....I got up early, plunked everything in and brought it to boil. As I raced out the door, I switched it to low...or so I thought. When I got home 9 hours later, I found I had switched it OFF *sob*

22-Oct-07, 13:51
can't mind the last time I used my slow cooker think I'll fish it out now.

22-Oct-07, 17:20
hi again

well, im getting quite good at the brisket of beef.. i chop up roughly 1 onion, 1 large potato and a couple of carrots, and place in the bottom of the slow cooker

sit beef on top (i have taken to browning it first) then pour in stock to cover veg.

cook for 8-10 hours on high, when done, take out the beef, then blend the stock and ver.. it makes the scrummiest gravy ever!!!!

really noce on a cold winters night!!!