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01-Jul-07, 12:53
I would thoroughly recommend Il Padrino in Brora, an Italian restaurant (where the Quiet Piggy in the square used to be). Good food served quickly. As we go up and down the A9 so often we went there yesterday as it is somewhere different to Tall Pines. (Although Tall Pines has excellent food too).

Il Padrino - 01408 622011

20-Aug-07, 22:09
Since I posted this a few weeks ago, I would be interested if anyone has tried this restaurant.

footie chick
24-Aug-07, 22:21
Not tried it yet but will first time I'm down that way I luv Italian food will let you know.

25-Aug-07, 12:17
i tried it back in april just not long since they opened so they still were getting on their feet. i felt they need to add a few wee touches like bread .
it a wee bit dearer than some places but nice for a special occasion.

30-Aug-07, 09:04
Went there on Sunday for wedding anniversary. Food was delicious. We had 3 courses each plus drinks. Was a bit pricey, so not somewhere I'd go often, but was also worth the money. Maybe if I hadn't drunk so much, it would've been a lot cheaper ;)