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29-Jun-07, 18:22
I just got cut - off before - probably my fault. I'm in Halkirk at the moment ( looking after my Son and daughter-in Law's house whilst they away on a short break).

They love the wildlife and bird life in partricular. The house that they have is totally open aspect at the rear and probably doesn't attract as many species as it might do with an appropriate feeder. My wife and I are only here until Friday (6th).

Could anyone suggest an outlet within reasonable distance to purchase a bird feeder(s) to surprise them on their return?

ALL reasonable suggestions and help appreciated.

All the best,

29-Jun-07, 23:09
Try "Serendipity" in Thurso beside the traffic lights at the beginning of the pedestrian precinct; they sell lots of gardening stuff.

30-Jun-07, 22:53
Derek, I purchased one of those window mouned blighters from Pet's At Home in Wick (so my wee girls could have easy access to view the birds) - we've had blue-tits, greenfinches, sparrows, chaffinches, great-tits and the inevitable starlings. I'm not far from you, so I'm sure if you put something in the garden they'd come your way too. I've also got several blackbirds coming to the window to feed, where I set some chopped apple/grapes out for them - try chucking some out into the garden to see if they stop by at yours too.

In particular watch out for a young blackbird, with a white claw (middle toe on left foot) - he visits my kitchen daily, and if the window isn't open, he stands outside "choocking" to get my attention. He should be in your range too, he's quite a fearless wee chap. ;)