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27-Jun-07, 21:12
Well low and behold Thurso st clair hotel has found a really good chef. he has arrived from the south and has 2/3 mich stars and well lets just say i have never tasted food like it. I have been, its good, take my word for it and give it a go cause im going back. mmm

27-Jun-07, 21:24
you must really like it there? you have reccomended it several times in the past :)

28-Jun-07, 15:14
no disrespect to the st clair but strange for a chef with mich stars to work in a little hotel

28-Jun-07, 23:49
is it not the establishment which gets the michelin stars? maybe not, but I used to work in a hotel which had michelin stars and the chef changed and they still kept them, then they had a visit by the michelin folk or whoever does inspections and nearly lost the stars due to the poor quality in service and knowledge and stuff, which didn't really have anything to do with the chef as such, well not his cooking skills anyway.

30-Jun-07, 11:59
We went twice to the st clair during our visit last week, having enjoyed the food there very much last September.
On both occasions although the food was okay, it was not a patch on what we had last year.
The service was very good however, shame to see it let down by decidedly average food.


30-Jun-07, 21:11
:DIve always liked the food there, the chef used to be Ashley Mackay i think, and she was fab, havent been since new chef so fingers crossed!

30-Jun-07, 21:52
we was going to go to the st clair until we saw the prices 10pounds for a bit of stew dont think so

01-Jul-07, 21:21
We recently had dinner there anit was ace! Very well presented and plenty of everything, much better now than it has been for years!
It has also been partly done up and looks much better :)

03-Jul-07, 23:49
Sorry, but ,.. sausage casserole,.. beef olives,.. floury potatoes, soggy veg. chicken stir fry, ..hardly exciting cuisine.!:(

It's just..... Pub grub! ..used to be better,..can't fault the staff who are fantastic,friendly and efficient!

Far superior food last year, without a doubt!