View Full Version : Twelfthnight Quiz

06-Jan-03, 03:19
Thanks to Acameron for a rollicking good quiz tonight. Great questions, tho heavily leaning towards the outcome of various Celtic-Gers games, and various changes to the shillingquidpence.
Last question: What was the outcome of the shoving match between Sassylass and SJR, first and second place winners, about who was going to give whom whose points. [lol]

06-Jan-03, 05:20
Though I begged for a recount, it seems the hostess at next Sunday's quiz will be yours truly. :cool:

Good thing there's a week for me to scour libraries looking for challenging, intriguing, fascinating, titillating, yet general knowledge questions. I will try to please everyone and I don't want no fechtin either.

06-Jan-03, 19:43
Well done sassylass,

Your a much more deserved winner lol :p But thanks for the offer of your points, was very kind of you. But I could not have been as great a winner as you :D

Im sure your quiz will be great.