View Full Version : Help - need a good joiner!

24-Jun-07, 21:54

Can anyone recommend a joiner who can not only make a good solid front door, but the whole doorframe too?

What currently passes for our front door swells in hot weather and sticks and when shut there is a good half inch gap at the bottom and yet when opened, its flush with the floor! Who ever did that job was a real class act.......

I want to get some quotes and get this horrible door sorted before winter!

Thanks for any help.

25-Jun-07, 08:59
stevens joinery in thurso
or glenn mackay in thurso dont know any numbers tho sorry

26-Jun-07, 12:48
Alex Mackay joiner is exclent 01641 541 230

elastic band
29-Jun-07, 23:46
We used Thomas Ross from Lybster and he was brilliant -very, very reasonable and seems to be able to undertake anything really but he is a time served joiner and craftsman -he did all our work anyway

13-Jul-07, 00:49
"Custom Joinery" in Wick, run by Alan Mackenzie is a good place to try, Alan is a top notch craftsman, you would be hard pushed to find better attention to detail.

Contact him on 07900277169

13-Jul-07, 08:22
Try Woodbees. They made an external door for us - to our specification - and we were very happy with it.