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08-Dec-20, 12:57
NINE PIECE DRUM KIT Pearl Export; used
22" kick drum with Pearl single and twin pedal set up/14" floor tom/12" tom/10" tom/14" snare/Hi-hat stand with Sabian cymbals, incorporating stick holder for 2 pairs/Three cymbal stands/Sabian 13" Thin Crash cymbal/18 Sabian Medium Crash cymbal/20 Powerbeat crash cymbal/Tired but perfectly serviceable stool/Several pairs of Sticks and brushes/Stick bag

Also, complete set of quality hard cases for all drums, cymbals and stands (damage to bass case, but taped-up and still fully usable)

Drums are used and include add-on O-ring dampeners. Great first starter kit or for anyone looking to get to the next level. Good sounding and looking kit.
In good general condition; drum skins inevitably show marks expected from a used kit.

375 ONO for full drum kit and cases (may consider selling cases separately)
Collect from Auckengill - Contact Mike on 07541 348941

12-Dec-20, 00:49
When saying what size of kit you are selling you don't count the high-hat or cymbals.
Its a 5-piece.
Looks good!

14-Dec-20, 02:45
Thanks Saveman, I'm just a hobbyist so thanks for keeping me straight. Gonna reduce the price for the kit only (so not cases) to 200, hopefully this might get them sold!

14-Dec-20, 12:52
Hi, bit of a long shot but would you sell any of the cymbals/stands on their own ?

14-Dec-20, 21:43
Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. Not ready to break the kit up just yet. As soon as I can work out how to edit the advert, am going to reduce the price for the kit only (so not cases) to 200. Does this help you any?

14-Dec-20, 22:04
Drum kit price now adjusted to 200 for kit only (ie excluding cases). Call Mike 07541 348941

14-Dec-20, 22:16
Hi, thanks but not really, i have a really cheap kit that came with hi hat only, I’m just a a completely novice noisemaker but if you do decide to sell anything separately I’ll definitely be interested.