View Full Version : Local Veggies - Mowat's of JoG

22-Jun-07, 22:04
Following on from Poppet's thread on local eggs, I wanted to recommend the wonderful veggies produced by Mowat's out at John 'o' Groats -when in season, they're available at Spar in Halkirk, McColls in Thurso, and the Co-Op in Thurso, amongst other places I'm sure.

Tasty and fresh (their cauliflowers in particular, are perfection!), they also come with the feel good factor of knowing you're supporting local business!

Keep up the great work, Don & the gang! :D

23-Jun-07, 16:19
I always try to buy their tatties and veg when I can.

23-Jun-07, 20:23
You just can't beat a "John O'Groat Tattie" (Sharps Express) with a bit o' butter! :lol: Can't be too long now before the season starts.