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05-Sep-20, 20:51
Randall 25 watt practice amp with a 10" Speaker. Clean and Overdrive channels plus an Overdrive Boost button.
The 2 Digital Effects buttons are for Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and another button for Delay & Reverb, you can create mix & match among them.
3 Band EQ consisting of Bass, Middle, Treble, to shape your desired tones.

This amp is as close to new as you can get. It has been played for about an hour and then boxed up as it's not the sound I am looking for and I have other practice amps.
I will lose too much money shipping it back for a refund, so I'll just sell it instead.


Buyer to collect from Wick, Caithness.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oIXCbzuWNbFNorEC5BKqPWTZn86g5If1P95wgm0H2TL48wDDg1 pmrxDstBpysoS4PLbSYJfxPIgBzUKRrqR-onlay4dUydtbUVC17EEohjh0ronzyp2eFvP2xr6rq_6lDrtcMp-h9C6bVJixPY5Nottht11F3prsSG2MxQv1uC2U_NA7fQY79GZvI JbTvN7VDw67oezA1ES_vR9LI2cIDpUWnPQ67luVhGv7rS3mIbL LqlO-77bimMs1BLbULK8mt-Z_CSrrZPgsgwOX_uvdJAunvhYCPETRJwlRMfKKZS_uIXyl5u-nwJTHp3T2bKcVYIXcFNCl3Ior65FwvhnvnsFNeFyhy29CnA9oc ckino5-BAeEij1OYYwuqshWT5MupG16dHMYri7IpULYjCgHB2Wh0qgTb3 Q5RFqEesQpq72ULku9tsGLYZn9LuGHoL0LmtPIY6jz2yoMzB6A MnalasE2F_GwPFiwO8gt8I9sq-REaeSO8olR7DZBcCoHPLNj8e-i4iMgQr6hQ0r5-y8b4b3Ia82zu86UgQysT2lPhJNrur7YLhreGbKOdyUXdehsd7Z jQCiRRYhT0N6ZUDSoS1yo9654V-yHhevQz8kZ48CxwKf7cOwHjk94cb0OGlomDna-1Nfyi7oZHoJolWhUvyKUPWMOScnR6o47rMofzTr1aot65JJnsc 3UC-cN=w1008-h911-no?authuser=0

14-Sep-20, 21:02
Price reduced to 80

15-Sep-20, 14:42
When's a good time to view?

15-Sep-20, 15:18
Have PM'd you