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18-Jun-07, 19:22
Bit late feeding the birds today - goodness were they cross [disgust] . I refuse to do it more than once a day but it's nowhere near enough. Anyway, can anyone tell me why it's so difficult, in fact in my experience impossible, to get plastic nut feeders any more? My old ones were wrecked by the wind ages ago and I had reluctantly bought metal ones which all seem to rust and the birds definitely don't like them so much. Having decided the last ones were too rusty to use any more, and unable to buy plastic ones anywhere, I finished up on ebay buying a set of really cheap ones which seem OK and the birds are delighted. Nuts being eaten much quicker which is obviously better as they don't have time to get wet and nasty.

So why can't I buy plastic ones? Or if you know where I can, please tell me.

20-Jun-07, 13:40
I don't know where you can get plastic feeders I'm afraid.

I use Droll Yankee Nut Feeders as they have a lifetime guarantee and, thankfully, haven't gone rusty.:D

20-Jun-07, 17:01
Thanks Liz - I'll remember that as I've had no luck at all with other metal feeders. crissx PMd me to say Petz Bitz in Wick had some plastic ones in their closing sale so I'm hoping to look on Saturday. There's no doubt my birds much prefer them. I still have 2 in reserve from ebay so am hoping to build up a collection :).