View Full Version : Whats in your garden right now?

18-Jun-07, 11:32
Was delighted yesterday lots of birds coming to the feeders, goldfinches, yellowhammers, greenfinches


18-Jun-07, 12:12
One lonesome Sparrow, chomping on the feeder, and a very frustrated MrBurd, trying to get the house painted [lol].

I can hear lots of birdies around though, however I suspect they're all hiding in the trees close by...

18-Jun-07, 13:48
Ah, let's see.... goldfinches, greenfinches, robins, blackbird, odd sparrow, blue tits.... oh, yes and I can see that blasted cat from next door hiding in the undergrowth. (where's my water pistol?)

18-Jun-07, 15:03
Just now? - Mother and father blackbird and two offspring and a couple of sparrows. There are an undisclosed number of sparrow hatchlings under the roof tiles. The bird bath attracts the birds and they empty it every day having baths.

18-Jun-07, 23:08
Dozens of sparrows and their offspring. magpies with young, ringed doves,starlings with hatched brood,visiting wrens ( they did n't use the lovely nest he built,)blackbirds,seagulls.robins and a crow that's gonna get his come uppance the next time he starts up at 5.30am on the ridge above the bedroom.

19-Jun-07, 00:02
Thanks Highlander for the lovely pics, keep them coming. Nothing in garden at mo - the birdies are in their beddies sleeping !

19-Jun-07, 03:55
towhees, robins, red headed linnets, and 2 black phoebes skimming the water!