View Full Version : advice on a budget wide angle lens please?

15-Jun-07, 08:49
I got the canon 400D and I now want a wider angle lens than the ones that I have namely the one that came with it its a 18 -55 and the 70- 300 zoom . I really dont want to spend a fortune but Id like to be able to get the whole view in not just chunks of it.
can someone advise as to the lens I need, the price and the best places to get it. preferably online or by phone ordering suits me. thankyou .

Colin Manson
15-Jun-07, 14:00
The best 2 ultra wide are

The Canon - EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM - Link (http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/prod27.html)

and the cheaper

Sigma - 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM - Link (http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/prod242.html)

Tamron and Tonika also do zoom lenses in that range but they don't get such good reviews.

You could also buy a prime but they aren't any cheaper and you loose the wider range. You also have to remember the crop factor of the 400D (1.6) so these are actually 16-32 and 16-35 respectively.

I hope that helps


17-Jun-07, 23:15
If at all possible dont rush to buy a budget lens, far better to save up for quality, well worth the extra expense, or scan the classifieds on the net for a good 2nd hand one, be patient. If you cant wait several of the bigger shops online will do 0% finance deals oner 9 months or so.

20-Jun-07, 23:53
okay will wait for the right one and wont rush into buying . Thanks

21-Jun-07, 12:19
I got the 10-20mm sigma, and highly recommend it (I have the Canon 350D). Probably my most used lens for interior shots, landscapes/skys etc. Don't wait, buy it now. Life is too short.;)