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13-Jun-07, 10:55

13-Jun-07, 12:12
TM, thats imo your best picture yet, super shot, what settings did you use?

13-Jun-07, 13:54
Exif Data reads
F 32
exposure time 5 seconds
focal length 80mm (used 28-80mm lens)
taken at about 8.30pm on 6th June

Thanks Buggyracer for the nice comment :D

13-Jun-07, 20:33
I agree, it's a great shot, Tuggy! Very pleasing to the eye! :)

19-Jun-07, 13:08
I can't see it! :~(

I just have a little square with a x in it???????????
Do you have anywhere else to look at it Tugmistress??

19-Jun-07, 14:42
now you've reeled me in I was to see too!!!

I have red X too. :o(

19-Jun-07, 19:45
Sorry about that, the image was wiped from the server when the database was hacked, i've uploaded it again now :)


19-Jun-07, 23:41
Ty Tugs was a bit miffed when it would n't open..but happy again now

20-Jun-07, 00:02
obsolutely stunning. well done you :)

20-Jun-07, 08:37
Wow, I am glad that I didn't miss that. I took the time and looked at all the others. You sell you photo's don't you. I wonder how much it would cost to post some to Australia?? Seriously!

21-Jun-07, 20:16
Wow what a great shot.
I guess you like waterfalls Tuggs.
In the autum or when the down pour starts in Skye again you'll need to come over there's some great waterfalls here.:D

21-Jun-07, 21:16
Thanks folks :)
yes i have a fascination with water, be it fresh or salt! i love the extremes it can go to, a gentle dribble like this one at peedie sands, or a full deluge over the rocks to a calm flat mirror like sea to a full on force 10+ storm with waves creating natures havoc. One day i'll be lucky enough to capture all the moods of natures water i hope :D