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09-Jun-19, 11:32
Mini Hay Saver's (ex display model)
Solway Recycling award winning recycled plastic ***75.00 ONO*** RRP 137.74 inc vat

The Solway Hay saver has a false balast bottom. Accessable from below the haysaver base can be filled with sand, gravel or anything that will give it weight to prevent it from being tipped over.
Easy to Clean
Multi Purpose Feeder
The Haysaver has 3 feeder holes.
A net can be added to the haysaver to allow slightly easier access for your animal and minimal wastage.

The dimensions of the haysaver are as follows:
Lid Diameter - 630mm
Base Diameter - 560mm
Base Diameter (including lugs) - 620mm
Height - 620mm
Balast Base Depth - 25mm
Feed Hole Height - 330mm
Feed Hole width - 280mm

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