View Full Version : 12 inch diameter telegraph pole

10-May-19, 04:52
Hi. Does anyone know where I could acquire a 12 inch diameter telegraph pole in Caithness? It's for an anchor post for a 40m zip-line...thanks

10-May-19, 20:42
Dunnet Forestry Trust - not treated but worth asking maybe?

14-May-19, 17:25
I have a couple if your still looking

16-May-19, 14:09
Hi wizard, just noticed your reply, many thanks...where are the poles located? I'd require two lengths, at 6.1m and 1.7m but could cut it myself. Are they 12 inch diameter? Also, how much would you be looking at, for this? I'd need to figure out a way of transporting them to Gills (Canisbay) but will have a think. Thanks again for your response