View Full Version : Another bank in Wick about to bite the dust?

01-Apr-19, 23:33

Apparently a cost cutting exercise. Obviously not enough of us have spare cash these days to throw into a bank, never mind any to spend....

Kevin Milkins
02-Apr-19, 10:17
Times are changing for sure.

03-Apr-19, 14:13
Times are a changing. I changed some years ago when I changed to an Online Bank Account. Best thing that I ever did.


20-Apr-19, 15:32
Although I don’t use an online bank, I rarely go into any physical branch. I went into my local one for the first time in years last summer, but only to swap an old paper tenner for a new plastic one. My own branch closed even more years ago and my account was moved to a different branch, which I’ve never been to. I don’t even know where it is!