View Full Version : In Your Honour

20-Jun-05, 15:08
Who has it and what do you think of it?

20-Jun-05, 18:22
i have it. listened to the first cd(the loud one) and its pretty good. not listened to the not so loud cd yet

20-Jun-05, 19:56
canna wait to get it when i get back onshore(did you catch them on jools holland the other week?Razor pure class!!)

21-Jun-05, 12:51
The second CD is really good. Two songs to look out for - Friend Of A Friend (a song Dave Grohl wrote about Kurt Cobain back in the early nineties) and Cold Day In The Sun (vocals sung by the drummer Taylor Hawkins).

21-Jun-05, 15:15
oh man, he sounds like a poor man's dave grohl. nice voice though.

Virginia Moon? wtf? is that a piss take?

quite like the second cd, i fell asleep listening to it last night