View Full Version : egg prices?

10-Mar-19, 23:12
Just spotted that waitrose are selling a single goose egg for 6.99 ! https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/clarence-court-british-seasonal-free-range-goose-egg/066058-33462-33463

And here I am selling them at 1 a pop....

Got me wondering what does everyone sell their eggs at? Chicken, duck, turkey ......

Also is it true there is someone in Caithness with Reas? That must be some egg.

pig whisperer
11-Mar-19, 01:36
we sell goose eggs 1 each, hen & duck 1.20 half a dozen

12-Mar-19, 00:38
So I was right on the price! That makes me feel much better. Thanks Pig Whisperer.