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27-Feb-19, 20:09
Hello everyone!

I am a fashion designer with a start up making clothes for little girls.
I've recently moved to this beautiful part of Scotland after having lived in the West coast and Edinburgh.
I am looking for suggestions of how and where would be the best place to promote my designs within the local market.
I also do women's wear upon request.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

27-Feb-19, 22:59
I don't know but good luck.

Do you do full length dresses? If so I know a little girl who would be very interested.

27-Feb-19, 23:04
Just had a thought.

If you can show a science/maths side to your work (do you use geometry for example) then it might be worth talking to the folks that run Caithness science festival. It's too late to get a pitch this year but it runs every year. You wont sell anything there but a stall at the festival where girls get to use scientific/mathematic principles to design a dress could get you a lot of word of mouth.

12-Mar-19, 13:25
May be worth having a word with the Gallery at John o Groats. Also understand that Wick Community Council are championing a Crafts Venue in old Woolies TOFS Building in Wick. Meeting on 30th March in Wick Assembly Rooms for those interested.

17-Mar-19, 16:18
Ooops sorry, wrong meeting....i'll find out when the Crafts Venue meeting is being held...