View Full Version : Drummer and bassist wanted!

18-Jun-05, 16:59
Looking for a drummer and bassist to play in hard rock band, influences include nirvana, reuben, biffy clyro, silverchair, foo fighters, plus original music.

nutty da drummer
21-Jun-05, 11:25
can we get more info, where about and what for? pubs, etc?

22-Jun-05, 14:05
Yeah well looking to gig all over the country, got quite a bit of original stuff so the skys the limit.

elastic band
01-Jul-05, 13:58
id drum 4 u if u want im only 14 though :evil but im a bad ass drummer

nutty da drummer
01-Jul-05, 15:34
were bout wil this be taking place? what area of caithness, roughly?

05-Jul-05, 00:44
it sounds interesting i would be interested in the bass spot. although i may not be here for much over 2 months as i could be moving to dundee. i'm especially interested in the own material idea. i was in a band who did all our own material and i relly enjoyed it.get in touch via the addy which is my msn not the adress in my profile it doesnt work but the site wont let me change it

08-Jul-05, 16:40
my partner is an exelent drumer and would love to play in your band

15-Jul-05, 15:57
i guess you have found guys to fill the spots it wouldhave been only decent for oyu to let the others interested know.


15-Jul-05, 23:19
i don't actually think he has. i've contacted him with regard to getting together and jamming. but i haven't heard anything back in a while

he's probably just not been online