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13-Jan-19, 20:42
Looking to buy a couple of geese to keep (not cook!). If anyone has any for sale Id be very interested.
Many thanks

14-Jan-19, 00:10
Hi I will have 2 female geese (1 year old) available around may/june. Or you can reserve some of this years goslings, they wont be able to leave mum until August. They are Steinbackers very pretty and friendly, highly intelligent. They are a breed of fighting geese so will sumo wrestle other geese or anything on 4 legs. Used to ducks, chickens, cats, children and pigs. Good with kids as long as the kids are taller than their eye level. Smaller kids will get shouted at. If you reserve goslings we can make sure they are human imprinted, which will mean you will be able to give them cuddles. Though on the downside it also means they will attempt to get in the house to spend time with you.....

If you do decide to eat them I can testify to them being very tasty.

Steinbackers live until they are 25 and will lay eggs until they are 10 ish. Laying season is March to June.

They will need access to fine sand everyday and water deep enough to bathe in (though the more you give them the happier they are), without daily bathing they can loose their waterproof coating which in winter makes them more susceptible to pneumonia. If grazing you will need to feed them 100 - 200g barley each everyday from September to February. DONOT feed chicken feed the cocodostats and high calcium level will cause them kidney problems in the long run.

If you're interested pm me.