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05-Jan-19, 22:42
1 Wheaten Maran / 2 Rhode Island Red Cockerels to be rehomed

We have 1 thirteen week old Wheaten Maran Cockerel left that is still waiting for his forever home. Fantastic little chap with beautiful markings. Very friendly as he was hatched from incubator so has been brought on by us. Just started trying to 'doodle' which is quite entertaining 😁. Pictures can be taken on request.

The hens lay beautiful chocolate coloured eggs (obviously not these boys though 😊).


2 Rhode Island Red Cockerels around 22 weeks old so still quite young. Purchased at Dingwall Auction in November as hens but now been confirmed as boys. Beautiful little fellas but not showing their full colours etc.. yet. Pictures can be taken if interested.


I'd rather they went to a good, forever home (not culled!!!!) hense 5 each

Based in Lairg, Sutherland

Thanks in advance

13-Jan-19, 13:50
Looking for Rhode cockerels, can you msg/call Alan 07920017197


13-Jan-19, 18:05
Hi, are you on Facebook? I can then send you a messenger with some photos.

13-Jan-19, 18:14
Hi again, if you're not on Facebook, if you have an email I can send you photos that way.

Lauraine 😊