View Full Version : Waterboarding in Thurso

29-Dec-18, 22:52
Is there any waterboarding activity in Thurso? For example, a waterboarding group or a regular evening session in the summer?

I had a go at waterboarding for this first time earlier in the year. After some initial trepidation I rather enjoyed it and am keen to have another go. I would need to borrow or rent a board initially but with the intention of buying my own if I decide to go further.

30-Dec-18, 12:20
A few of us meet down near the harbour on a wednesday night......bring your own orange overalls though 34285

31-Dec-18, 13:27
I meant paddleboarding.

03-Jan-19, 00:33
Holy moly, this place has gotten sinister

02-Feb-19, 00:15
Not sinister. Merely a misnomer.