View Full Version : A really stupid question about stratocaster wiring

17-Jun-05, 20:29

I have three wires coming from the volume pot (2 black and 1 white). I know that 1 black and 1 white wire need to be connected to the jack socket and the other black wire is to be grounded. Now the stupid question is.... does it matter which black wire is grounded and which is connected to the socket?

17-Jun-05, 20:47
should you not of made a note before pulling the thing appart? anyway, to answer your question, yes it does matter. each has its own use. look up your specific model on the internet, you'll find it somewhere.

19-Jun-05, 11:29
I would have made a note but its a peavey copy which had different wiring before so it wouldnt make a difference if i made notes or not.

10-Jul-05, 22:18
Basic strats and strat copies are much of a muchness - phone me and I'll email or fax you a wiring diagram.