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little miss breezy breeks
16-Nov-18, 19:48
I have just sat down with the Courier and I must say I am completely amused by the Article on the front page about slow Broadband speeds.
The Article is about the Gillock & Lyth residents & business's being left behind in the upgrade of Broadband connections, where most of the time the connection speeds are so slow it will barely open a page, but the part I find really amusing is where a BT group spokesperson states that some premises, within these areas are currently able to receive broadband speeds up to 8 megabytes per second, what a complete load of POOP.
I would like to know who can even come anywhere close to speeds like this.
I am in Bower and this is my Connection speeds

Download Upload
1.02 Mb/s 0.14 Mb/s

16-Nov-18, 23:07
BT have been paid handsomely to supply a faster broadband service to rural areas by the government yet they have failed to do so and at every opportunity they put obstacles in the path of outside ISP's wanting to fit their kit into the local exchanges. Tkaing the money and running seems to be par for the course for BT these days.....

16-Nov-18, 23:13
Yeah, I read the JOGJ today as well, it is absolute rubbish thereís no way anybody on the Lyth exchange is getting 8Mbps. Canít believe we are still not getting any hope of an upgrade, I need a decent connection to work from home occasionally but if thereís anybody else at home itís impossible, I also have to take my sons game console to my work in Thurso to be able to download any updates because what would normally take 30 mins in town can take anything up to 4 hours in Bower!
I live beside the main Wick to Castletown road not away in the middle of nowhere.

17-Nov-18, 03:35
if you are a direct to exchange customer then these issues have yet to be addressed

felis silvestris
18-Nov-18, 23:52
I live on the Wick Castletown road, 4.1 miles from Wick exchange.
Download 0.3 Mb/s
Upload 0.2 Mb/s