View Full Version : Chickens - Looking for free older hens to keep a lonely cockerel company

10-Nov-18, 11:37
I am looking for 2-6 older hens as company for a friendly, but lonely cockerel. Ideally free, although willing to negotiate a price for birds under 2 years old.

Please message me if you have older hens you are looking to rehome. The hens will be well looked after and have a large fenced outdoor run to explore.

If you known anyone with older hens that they want to rehome please let them know I am looking - Thanks in advance


10-Dec-18, 16:02
Our cockerel is still looking for companionship - he is one of 3 cockerels we have on the croft and he is stuck in his fairly large run on his own as we keep the cockerels separate to stop them fighting.
This is not a very good picture of him - as he was a bit nervous this afternoon for some reason. Usually he is very friendly.
If anyone has 2-3 or more older hens they would like rehomed with our Light Sussex X Hybrid cockerel cross we would be delighted to pick them up. We are not bothered if the hens are still laying regular eggs or how old they are. We will do our best to look after them until they reach the end of their natural lives, our other hens are between 6 and 7 years old.