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05-Jun-07, 19:34
has anyone had a man's kilt made locally or ordered locally? thanks

05-Jun-07, 19:38
got hubbys kilt made in the shop beside the train station in inverness they were really good!

06-Jun-07, 21:10
My dad just bought the full kilt outfit from Martin in Blackstairs Highlandwear in Wick, he is very helpful and knows his stuff about kilts and what looks good. He will see you anytime by appointment. 01995604005/07706399922

06-Jun-07, 22:28

There is a realy good place in Inverness, Round the corner from MaDonalds, Castle Street I think it is, the place is a bit like the show Are you being served, but they are really good at there stuff.

Also Mcallans in Wick and Thurso do taylor made kilts, I got mine from them and there were really good and fast

mums angels
08-Jun-07, 12:14
got hubbys kilt from macallans in thurso we were very happy with it and was a good price also ordered us the accesories with the family crest on it ...

got the wee boy one made for ben wyvis kilts in inverness they were also excellent