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26-Sep-18, 21:40
The Caithness Arts Index (http://arts.caithness.org) has posted the following article:

Christmas Mega Market at Caithness Horizons

Caithness Horizons are going Christmas Crazy on the weekend of 16-17th November 2018 and we would like to invite you to take part! The Market will run from on Friday 16th November from 10am - 4pm with set up from 8.30am and it will also run on Saturday 17th November from 10am - 3pm. As part of the festive celebrations, we are holding our Annual Christmas Market with stalls placed throughout our beautiful building. [Read Full Article (//arts.caithness.org/article/2100)]

26-Sep-18, 23:39
Can we ban any mention of Christmas on this forum before the 20th of December?