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17-Dec-02, 23:58

As the outright winner of last weekends quiz which was so ably put together by Sugarlips I have the honour of being the Quiz mistress for the Christmas event.

I therefore humbly request the pleasure of your company for this years grand finale.

The Christmas Quiz

I hope you will all join me on Sunday... a little later than usual at 9.00pm. Sherry and mince pies will be served and a warm christmas welcome will be extended to all comers whether new friends or old

Seeya then


18-Dec-02, 01:18
I lurve mince pie...what day is this party/quiz/pie-fest? :D

18-Dec-02, 14:49
Was that a typo....ya said Friends OR Old....... I am both.....giggles

22-Dec-02, 17:53
Squidge, are Bozo's allowed in your quiz? Or is it strictly NoBozo's?

22-Dec-02, 19:41
Bozos or NoBozos....i dont mind either way

The more the merrier it will be...I have mince pies galore..enought to feed an army lol

Seeya Later

23-Dec-02, 00:41
:~( Drat! Missed it. Did all go well and was it a highly enjoyable event? Who won? :eek:

24-Dec-02, 22:00
unfortunately I missed it too...

Sunday nights are a no-no for me :( (considering I'm usually in church from 6:30 to 10:30 lol)

Ah well...

Maybe next year I'll be able to make it to the Christmas quiz!