View Full Version : Quiz night Sunday 3rd June

02-Jun-07, 16:45
Quiz on Sunday 3rd June @ 8.30pm. All welcome, see you there. :)

02-Jun-07, 22:32
Thanks Foxy for the message. I plan to be there.

03-Jun-07, 22:55
The results from the quiz this week were
1st Trucker 31 points
2nd Canuck 21 points
3rd Ju 18 points.

03-Jun-07, 23:32
Foxy, no wonder I missed the question about your avatar. You have changed it since I last played the quiz. Thank you for a wonderful evening. It was an excellent quiz and we all had a great deal of fun.

_Ju_, no matter what you think, it was real, very real!

Good luck next week TRUCKER.