View Full Version : Free outdoor children's things

26-Jun-18, 12:20
Tired of seeing these sitting about now children have outgrown so - collection of pop-up tents which are great fun plus collection of tennis rackets (mainly plastic) and balls. Various other kids' stuff. Could deliver but probably best to see. PM or 07748 598013

27-Jun-18, 14:30
Update - only intermittent mobile signal at home as work being done on Olrig mobile mast so probably best to PM for now. Tried to call person who texted earlier (when I was in Thurso) from my landline but their mobile is engaged. Will keep trying.

28-Jun-18, 10:40
Pop-up tents now gone. Other stuff still available and mobile signal seems to be restored.

30-Jun-18, 13:34
Hi what else have you got I've my grandchildren coming up next week as 4 year old and 9 year old if you have anything suitable for that age group x

02-Jul-18, 21:28
Sorry, just seen this so hope it's not too late. Tennis rackets etc as in OP plus drawing materials. Probably best now to phone me and come have a look. You could bring them !

18-Jul-18, 14:22
Sorry just got your message been hectic with grandkids up they've gone back home now but thanks anyway x