View Full Version : Who's got mad cow disease?

01-Jun-07, 23:42
I wonder if any one else picked up on this news item today?


I was incensed that it could even be considered after what the farmers and the people of this country have had to deal with over the last few years.

The only thing I can say is that Bruxelles must have more idiots per square hectare than a lunatic asylum!

02-Jun-07, 18:18
Nature, feeding cows to cows and pigs to sheep and sheep to cows. Yes I'm sure this is how it's supposed to be. MAN brings it on himself:roll:

The Angel Of Death
02-Jun-07, 20:19
Am i going to be the only one to say my mother in law !!!

02-Jun-07, 23:09
I don't think the politicians in Brussels have a brain cell among them. I can't believe after 7 years they are going to allow the feeding of animal by products to animals again, which a lot of farmers were unaware were in the feedstuffs in the first place. [disgust] It's easy to see how quickly people forget the desecration BSE caused the farming industry in the late 90's and that is still going on, as cattle born before August 1996 are not allowed into the food chain, having to be slaughtered and incinerated with little compensation to the farmer. One of the legacy's that bse has given farmers is more paperwork as the tracebility of animals is now very important if there is an outbreak of any disease, as the animal's movements can immediately be traced. While i'm in agreement with traceability the added pressure it has put on farmers due to the deadlines has been immense. I hope the european powers that be take a good look at what there proposing and decide maybe it isin't one of there better ideas :roll:, not that they have many.