View Full Version : Golden Eagle

04-Apr-18, 09:29
Heading home from Inverness yesterday just after Berridale soaring over the fields towards the sea. Magnificent to watch.

07-Apr-18, 15:33
Wow a lucky sighting!!

Kevin Milkins
12-Apr-18, 23:25
It may have been a Sea Eagle, I was on my way home from work a couple of days ago and a Sea Eagle was on the road feasting on a dead Pheasant, it wasn't until it rose up in front of me that you could see just how big it was and the distinctive white tail. this was about a mile South of Dunbeath.

16-Apr-18, 10:01
Two sea eagles have been sighted several times recently in Dunbeath/Berriedale area.

16-Apr-18, 22:42
Only seen the underside and light was faiding maybe it was a sea eagle