View Full Version : Seater recycling

08-Mar-18, 15:00
Does anybody know if or when the Seater recycling is going to open to the public. Highland Council have no information on yet, NO SURPRISE THERE. Just people in the surrounding area still struggling by having to go to Wick or Thurso

09-Mar-18, 22:42
If the Council themselves don't know when its opening, I wouldn't have thought members of the public would know (sorry, that sounds cheeky, it wasn't meant to!!). Their website just says closed until further notice so I'd assume no decision has been made. You can contact them at recycle@highland.gov.uk and they might be able to tell you more.

The rest of us that are outwith the towns have to travel to Wick or Thurso too, so Bower was lucky to have that facility for the time that they had it, even if it doesn't open again.

23-Mar-18, 23:31
It's going to close completely in a couple of years anyway. Can't remember exact timetable.