View Full Version : Blue Tit

29-May-07, 23:00
This wee birdie and it's mate has been visiting our feeder on a regular basis since mid-May. It's not at all phased by any movement in the house (as you can see our feeder is one of those window ones, so the girls can see the birdies too), and sometimes sits for three or four minutes at a time, cracking open the sunflower seeds, before flying back off into the rowan tree again...


30-May-07, 13:26
That's great and so good to see the Blue Tit so close up!!:D

I hardly see any in our garden. Just the odd one or two.:(

08-Jun-07, 23:02
That's great that you get blue tits - I have not seen one in Orkney and I do miss them from down south. Got an amazingly lifelike pottery one this week from a local charity shop. Brought it into work sitting on my hand and our receptionist screamed because she thought it was real! Best 50p I spent this week.