View Full Version : What do you class as a slum landlord

02-Feb-18, 14:19
Is it a case of having properties that are damp,with mould, cold, drafty and not fit for use. If that's the case ,is there any social landlords in Caithness that would meet such a low threshold . I have spoken to a few locals that's have had NO central heating for months are had been told to use electric heaters. Problem is ,they are disabled and they ain't the only ones . All this is done by a board that lives the fat cat lifestyle and staff that's wages are the same is those in Edinburgh, which is 17% higher than local wages for the same job.
Madness is thinking that bad people won't do bad things. Just trying to get a handle on how bad things are locally as fuel poverty is skyrocketing in Caithness and damp, poorly heated and badly insulated homes are a huge factor.
Lets hear some of your stories.

03-Feb-18, 22:02
highland council is one lol