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lynne duncan
29-May-07, 11:21

lynne duncan
29-May-07, 11:23
by jings i think i got the hang of this

29-May-07, 15:10
What a beautiful dog! Thanks for sharing the photo and well done on getting to grips with it's posting...

29-May-07, 16:07
By Jove, she's got it, she's really got it! :D

Well done, Lynne! What a lovely Cocker Spaniel you have - such a glossy black coat! :) What is its name, and is it a male or female?

lynne duncan
29-May-07, 20:41
Hepzibah or hepzi for short is coming 2 years old she is a little cracker
agree her coat is gorgeous and always seems to be glossy

02-Jun-07, 04:27
Wow, that's an unusual name! :cool:

I hope you'll be posting more photos, now that you've got the hang of it, Lynne! :)