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Highland RS
05-Nov-17, 06:05
Has anyone used 'Munchies', the new local takeaway delivery service for Wick and its surrounding area?

They seem to deliver for all of the takeaways rather than just one, which I think is a really enterprising idea and one which I am sure will take off. Before it was only one or two takeaways in the curry and pizza arena that delivered, so this opens it up so I can get a chinese or chip shop meal delivered too. I also hope they are able to deliver for places like Devitas Italian as I love their food.

I know personally I hate having to trek into town in the cold dark winter nights just to pick up a takeaway, which is often semi hot at best by the time I get it home and from a poster I saw on their Facebook page (@Munchieswick (I think)), their charges appear to be really reasonable too.

From what I heard it is really new and only started in the past couple of weeks, so I just wondered if anyone had an experience of them yet so I know whether to give them a go or not?

Either way I definately wish them all the best as it is another smart idea for the people of Wick, just like some of the new shops that have opened recently.

P.s. I did also put this on the business thread but as it seems to be all newsbot and nobody commenting and as I am not promoting something I felt it was only right to put here as well, it may illicit a response to my question that way.

Mr P Cannop
05-Nov-17, 09:20
i think they should also be swimming world friendly and do meals from slimming world

Highland RS
05-Nov-17, 17:30
Aww go on, treat yourself. Lol 😂