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06-Oct-17, 17:20
Myself and 3 three Ladies went to lunch at the Blue door today. Ordered our food 2 of which were Quiche they were then asked if they wanted if hot or cold and they both said Hot please. When they came the were both cold and one was very soggy I did call over the waitress to complain that it was cold she replied I will let the kitchen know ( no offer to take it back to the kitchen and get it heated up) Usually after your food has arrived you get asked if your meal it was OK..... NOTHING.
One of my friends was paying for the meals as a treat for us. She duly paid for all the meals apart from the one that didn't get eaten and she did say that. When we were about to leave we were accosted as if we were trying to leave without paying our bill.( for the meal that wasn't eaten) and we were promptly told that it still had it be paid for .
BLUE DOOR you just lost 4 Customers and disgusted with your customer service or should I say LACK of.

06-Oct-17, 20:17
me and the wife went there and got milkshakes for the kids and us they were good. a week latter we got the same it was like watered down milk seems a bit hit and miss that place