View Full Version : Attention!!!

27-May-07, 00:49
not sure if there is a quiz organised by anyone for tomorrow night, but will put together a quiz for 8.30 tomorrow night, grab a friend a come along.

27-May-07, 00:52
better still, once before we had this problem, and we solved it by anyone who came to quiz could take a few questions, and take in turns to ask thiers, just an idea, will be fun.

27-May-07, 17:49
good idea highlander, I'll try to think up a few questions to help out. First question: What's my favourite colour? [lol]

27-May-07, 18:40
Thank you sassy, i have got 10 made up, but if anyone else out there wants to put some together i will be very a happy bunny.

28-May-07, 17:47
Sharing the purple sparkly jacket was fun for a change. No headaches to think up a few questions each, and Sig was a champ when he had to squeeze into it for a short while. Yer a wee genius H.

29-May-07, 12:00
Quiz night was great fun. Sharing the role of quizzie was a great idea, Highlander. I don't know who won in the end but I am sure that they justly deserved it since questions were coming from all quarters. Nice evening, H - thanks. :D

30-May-07, 18:20
It sounds like you all had a great time. Golach had dragged me off to a quiz at his local on Sunday evening. After his confession on Valentine's Day that he never gives Mrs.G floral gifts, I arrived with a bouquet of pretties for her on behalf of the org quiz regulars.

I am home now and I shall see you all on June 3. Back to my old time of 3:30 pm.