View Full Version : Quiz Night Sunday 8th December

05-Dec-02, 02:06
As the clear winner from last sundays quiz which was so ably quizmastered by Loafer - the honour falls upon myself to prepare the quiz this week

So folks 8.30pm

Welcome all comers - fastest fingers with the correct answers wins the point, quizmasters decision is final

Seeya there


05-Dec-02, 09:34
Weel done sweetness you derserved till win last week an I think you are the most wonderful person in Caithness and I'll see you at the quiz night

06-Dec-02, 01:38
Just how am I ever gonna win a quiz?I'm still working at 8.30pm..how about a midnight quiz? It's a diabolical plot :evil .Just 'cos yall knows ma finger is quicker on' e mouse than yers [evil] .Have fun sorry i won't be there to join in the fun.

06-Dec-02, 01:57
Oooh yes, a midnight quiz sounds great for us night owls! Or an eleven o'clock quiz, even! :D

And Golach, pet, am I the most wonderful person in Camelot? ;)

06-Dec-02, 09:11
Lady Kay, ofcourse you are the mostest from Camelot, it goes without saying and that is why I have never said it :lol:

Mr P Cannop
06-Dec-02, 10:25
where is Camelot ??

07-Dec-02, 00:33
OHHHH Golach say it again sweetie


07-Dec-02, 03:14
Why, thankyou, Golach, I am very flattered! :D

And Mr Cannop, the following may be of interest to you:


Go to page 3, and click on Camelot Castle.There are some interesting links there, especially when you click on the History Links, and some nice photos of the area. :)